At Evotra, we don’t just help businesses set up and migrate to Xplan. We’re here to help you get the best from it every day.

Through our rEsolve support desk you can access all the expert help and support you need in the way that works best for you.

Whether it’s overflow support for your in-house site administrator, training to get your team up to speed or it’s fully outsourced site admin you want, rEsolve can help.

We have a range of packages designed to suit all budgets, including time-costed work bundles and comprehensive outsourcing. There’s no minimum term contract, just a one-month notice period to ensure a smooth transition to your in-house team.


Specialist support
(Site admin overflow)

Quite simply, tell us what you want us to work on and we’ll do it!

We can support your in-house system administrator by:

  • Handling more complex queries that they may not have the knowledge or experience to manage, like workflow design, Xports or XMerge for example
  • Taking regular BAU workload off their desk, like third-party valuation reconciliations or MI reporting
  • Providing cover during holidays, sick leave or maternity leave

This service is charged at an hourly rate, which depends on the number of hours committed to each month. Put simply, the more hours you choose to use, the lower the fee.

Alternatively, use us as little or as much as you need, and we’ll simply invoice you at the end of the month using a standard pre-agreed fixed pay as you go rate.

Every business has slightly different needs so please get in touch to find out more.

Regular Xplan training

Our experienced team can make sure you’re getting the most from Xplan by providing all the training you need. This includes:

  • Training your business practitioners on how to use Xplan
  • Making sure your site administrators have a solid grasp of Xplan
  • Providing training for your in-house trainers
  • Preparing visually appealing user guides
  • Creating bespoke videos, whether short animated bitesize clips or full-length recorded training modules

In exactly the same way as specialist support, any training activity is charged at the same hourly rate, which depends on the number of hours committed to each month. The more hours you choose to use, the lower the fee.

Once you’ve chosen your preferred ‘bundle’ of monthly hours, you choose to spend them on whatever you want – site admin, training, or a combination of the two – the choice is entirely yours.

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Fully outsourced site admin and end-user support

We can take on all the system administration duties for your Xplan site along with operational tasks such as:

  • Xplan configuration
  • Regular data feed reconciliation checks
  • Management of joiners, movers and leavers
  • Management of your group hierarchy if applicable, to ensure data visibility and workflows behave as intended
  • Management of your Xports, including the creation of new reports and the setup of schedules and recipients
  • Template Maintenance (new or complex XMerge coding is usually charged separately)
Rates for this service vary according to the number of licenced Xplan users and the type of Xplan site your business uses. Give us a call on 020 3410 1966 and we can talk through your specific circumstances and needs.

Your Xplan Healthcheck – discover what’s working and what’s not

Many of our clients find that a great way to start working with Evotra is to have an Xplan Healthcheck.

This gives us the opportunity to take a close look at how you’re using Xplan, see what’s working well and identify those areas where there is room for improvement. At the end, you’ll get a detailed, bespoke report broken down into six key areas with a set of clear actions.

We charge a simple flat fee of £1,000 + VAT for our Xplan Healthcheck, but it’s FREE if you then choose to become a client*.

* we will reimburse the full amount after the first three months


  • You’ll get an independent, expert view from a team that understands your needs, the challenges you face and knows how to get Xplan working hard on your behalf
  • Your Xplan Healthcheck report will break down what can often be a complex combination of issues into clear categories and actions that can be communicated simply to your stakeholders
  • An Xplan healthcheck can help you understand how you might want to use Evotra going forward


It’s common for an Xplan Healthcheck to contain a combination of big ticket items and quick wins – and plenty in between. How you choose to progress is up to you. You can get us working on a big-ticket priority straight away or start with some quick wins while you try us out.

Clients often start out by getting us to help sort out their third-party valuations. This is because so many of Xplan’s features – policy valuations, client portal, business MI and revenue management – all rely on correct third-party valuations.

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Getting the most from your Xplan MI


Next steps

Get in touch to find out more about how rEsolve can help your business. You can call us on 020 3410 1966 or email us at

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“I just wanted to say how well I think the rEsolve system is working and say thanks for your help along with Meatab and Deepak”
Chief Operating Officer, London-based financial planning business

Frequently asked questions about rEsolve

If you’re an existing member of our rEsolve service, you can raise a ticket by logging on via the rEsolve portal on our website or you can email

You do need to register with us first so that we can set you up with access and ask you to sign our standard service agreement, but this only takes a few minutes. Just call us on 020 3410 1966 or email us at

Quite possibly, yes. We work closely with Iress and aim to compliment, not replace, their support services. Those services can be extremely useful (and we encourage all our clients to actively use them), but it would be unreasonable to expect any technology vendor to make their technical guidance perfectly applicable to every business, especially with a system as configurable as Xplan. That’s where we come in.

Our experts come from a combination of both wealth and technology backgrounds, so we can work closely with you to review your operating model, help improve your in-built workflows, design an effective support and change process for you, drive user adoption and cleanse your legacy data, as well as simply answering your Xplan queries. We can also adjust our support and training services to be completely bespoke to your business.

At the same time, we’re not restricted to just Xplan services. If you need assistance integrating other technology solutions or creating a data warehouse outside of Xplan, for instance, we can help with that too.

Every business is different, and we’re really happy to cater to bespoke needs, so it does vary. Most of our rEsolve clients choose to engage us for a fixed number of hours per month, to help with their budgeting and planning. We’ll then commit to delivering that much effort, on whatever they need, at a fixed hourly rate. The more hours you commit to per month, the lower the hourly rate.

Other clients choose to fully outsource all their Xplan activity to us, in which case we’ll agree a fixed price based on the number of licenced Xplan users in the business.

As a guide, our aim is for this to cost less than it would cost you to hire the necessary number of in-house site administrators – and with the added benefit of our unrivalled expertise and removing the risk of key person dependencies if you were to try to resource it in-house.

It really does depend on a number of factors, including the number of licenced Xplan users in your business, the amount of BAU activity you’d like us to help with, and the extent and complexity of your enhancement roadmap. But for context, most of our clients select somewhere between 10 and 40 hours per month.

We’ll be happy to have that conversation with you to get it right. And of course remember that you can always change your mind and we can just adjust things as we go.

Yes, absolutely! We understand that one of the most complex areas of Xplan site management is the creation and maintenance of bespoke XMerge report templates. We are highly experienced at helping our clients create and maintain beautifully branded client valuation reports, review packs, and other client-facing documentation.

Yes, absolutely! You might also find it interesting to have a read of our article on that topic, WHICH YOU CAN READ HERE.